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Top Things I Wish I Knew Before Paddling the Wisconsin River

We asked our clients what they wished they knew before canoeing or kayaking the Wisconsin River, and today we’ve rounded up their top tips.

Bring Water & Refreshments On a hot summer’s day, you’ll be glad that you brought water bottles to stay hydrated. Other refreshments are recommended too, but please, no glass.

If it’s a sunny day, you’ll want to be sure to pack your sunglasses, a hat, and extra sunscreen, especially if you’re thinking of hanging out on a sandbar for a few hours. There’s no hiding from the sun when you’re on the river!

Want to document your trip using your phone or camera? You never know what can happen on the water. Bring a waterproof container or dry bag for safekeeping of electronics.

Don’t worry so much about the weight in the canoe, especially for our overnight trips. On average, canoes can hold up to 900 pounds. We typically recommend two adults per canoe, with plenty of space in the middle for a cooler, a dog, and whatever else you’d like to have with you.

Wild Wisco Waters offers an orientation before the canoe and kayak launch. The orientation includes how to use the paddles to navigate the river, best places to stop for a sandbar pit stop, how to get in and out of the canoe, and key landmarks you’ll pass so that you know where you are relative to the take out spot.

Have more questions on what you should bring with you on your next trip? Give us a call today!

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