All About Us

Hey there!
We are a husband (Rick) & wife (Elizabeth) team with a deep love for our natural world, each other, and living in the moment. We met in the Northwoods of Wisconsin at a leave no trace outdoor ethics course and have been inseparable since.  
As natural resource professionals in resource management and education, we are all about sharing our passion for the outdoors with anyone who's interested in getting out into nature. 
We started Wild Wisco Waters with the hope of connecting people with the wonders of Wisconsin's beautiful waterways. We hope that connection plants a seed of appreciation and respect for the wild waters that sustain our life here in Wisconsin and beyond our borders. 
Water is a sacred resource meant to be cherished and enjoyed by all living beings and while our clients paddle downriver through protected wildlife areas we hope they laugh, splash, play, and renew their connection to nature.


Our Trips 

What to expect when paddling with us

We meet at the Dekorra Public Boat Launch in Dekorra WI, from there we meet the group and gather for a safety briefing. After we load up and drive you up the river to Portage WI, timing varies depending on the trip choice, it usually takes around 15 minutes. When we get to the put-in point we prep the canoes and load in supplies and off you go, downriver to enjoy a day filled with sunshine and smiles. You pass a sandstone rock outcropping and your take out is on the left. We'll meet you there to pick up the canoes and hear about the adventure!